Music production by artists:

This job is to accompany and guide you through the process of recording a song or record. From the artist’s initial idea, to make arrangements, record, mix, master and publish.

In the “pre-production” part we will do a schedule planning: repertoire analysis, review of compositions and arrangements, choosing session musicians if needed, preparation of scores, spaces and recording method, planning to publish the work with possible record labels or platforms.

Recording: Follow up with recording planning, guidance and motivation of the performers, editing and improving the recorded shots to make everything ready for the mix.

Mixing is the art of ordering the sound elements that are part of the songs. Finding the right volume and processing the sound of the tracks: equalizing, compressing and applying different effects, etc.

And once mixed, the mastering will be used to find the final sound. Applying equalization and compression in combination with other processes.

Studio productions:


CompoComposition and / or production of soundtracks for audiovisuals (spots, documentaries, teasers, etc …). And also for live shows (street shows, theater, circus … etc).

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Productions of electronic music: