The option of recording drums remotely can make the production of an album, soundtrack or song much more comfortable, agile and inexpensive.

In my studio I have all the drums, snares, cymbals, percussion instruments, microphones and recording equipment necessary to do it with very good quality (watch it). Also the time, dedication and esteem you need so that my contribution to your work helps to make it better.

My experience in working at various studios and in my own studio, speaking and learning with many technicians and drummers about the recording of the instrument is what brought me enough experience to be able to do this work.

And how is it done?

Very easy. Send me the necessary material to

  • Stereo track of the song, without drums and with WAV quality.
  • Sample drums stereo track (if any).

We will talk about how do you want this drums to be. Ideas, references, etc …

I offer different options according to the needs of each one in the delivery format:

  • Individual and raw tracks. Without equalizing or compressing, to be able to work fully to the taste of each one.
  • Individual tracks processed. Equalization, compression and etc … already done and with the individual tracks to be able to adjust the volumes as necessary.
  • Drum stereo track. Drums already mixed and processed on a stereo track.

In a few days you will be able to listen to my recordings and decide if you like them. We will comment on your impressions and make corrections if necessary.

Finally you receive the files and you already have it!

Who would be interested?

Artists who self-produce and want to put all the effort and love into their work and don’t have a big budget.

Producers who make records in their home studio and do not have the space and equipment to record drums.

Bands that at any given time do not have a fixed drummer.


  • Separate raw tracks, € 60.
  • Separate tracks, processed, € 70.
  • Processed stereo mix, € 80.
  • Video FullHD, € 20.

There may be a discount if packages are made.

The VAT rate of 21% in countries within the EU must be added.


If you are interested and want to see how it could be, you can download a sample here. If you have any questions, let’s talk!


Albums where I have played the drums:

Demo videos: