Oriol Casas i Griera, “Iol”.

Drummer and producer.
Composer of electronic music and soundtracks.

Drummer of various bands like, Drums & Organ Corcs, Oest Trip, Gerard Quintana “Intocables” and Rah-mon Roma. I open the Jazz Jam in El Teler (Sabadell) once a week. I have been part of bands like Batzak, Pomada, La Carrau, Conxita … And I have collaborated and I still collaborate with various artists and formations like: Joan Boada, Nando Caballero, Llongue, Borja Penalba and Mireia Vives, Cia. De Paper, William Taylor, Girona’s Great Christmas Circus, Jaume Ibars, Dani Landry, Aleix Creus, Cisket Creus Groove Band …

In the studio I have made productions and / or recordings of very different artists and soundtracks for documentaries or spots. (see Portfolio)

I have acted as a live technician for various bands such as Pomada, Rauxa and Dúmbala Canalla.

I currently work as a drummer at Artcàdia school.

I have training in the Musicians Workshop and a diploma in the Aula de Música de Moderna in Barcelona, and with drummer teachers such as: Jordi Gardeñas, Toni Mateos, Quim Solé, Cristian Vilalta, Manel Tortajada, David Gómez …