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Oriol “iol” Cases

Drummer and Music Producer

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Drumm record

Remote drum recording, designed for those who want real drums in their productions and want to save time and money. More information and samples HERE.

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Music Productions

For artists and composers who need accompaniment throughout the process of their work, album, song, B.S.O …

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Guillem Galofré

Music producer. "A great sound, with many qualities. It is creative and, when appropriate, brings ideas that open horizons to my productions."

Oest de Franc

Guitarist, singer and songwriter. "Oriol plays with the drums, he is a musician, he gives a lot of security and warmth to any project"

Rubén Castejon

Audiovisual designer. "The musical and sound universe of Oriol is immense, when I have to sound a video I know where to call it."

Rah-mon Roma

Singer-entertainer infantile and storyteller. "As much in bowling as in the studio, the musical baggage of the Oriol and his good manners accompany you like a good disc in your ears."

Núria Lozano

Composer, accordionist and singer. "Recording with Oriol is the perfect balance between the comfort of feeling like a homeowner and a great result."
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