About me:

Oriol Casas Griera, «Iol». Drumer and electronic music composer.
Born in Sabadell (Barcelona) in 1980.

-Degree in l’Aula del Conservatori from Barcelona specialized in Drums (2010), with the teacher Cristian Vilalta. Harmony, arrangements and combos with teachers like Miquel Ayet, Paco Salas, Fèlix Serra and Ernesto Briceño.
-Drum lessons with Manel Tortajada, Quim Soler, David Gómez and Toni Mateos.
-Harmony lessons with Enric Alberich and Albert Faz.
-Piano lessons with Enric Alberich.
-Masterclass with Idriss Muhamad and Eliseo Parra.


Here you can listen a selection to my works and get to know the differents projects where I participate.

New Ep off electronic music (july 2015):

Selection song:

Production records:



For more Soundtracks click here.
Cal Gravadet (my studio)

Cal Gravadet is my studio for make a records and productions. Here I produced a few of long records and soundtracks.

For make it I have the following material:

  • Apogee Ensemble
  • Motu 828 MKII (AD/DA)
  • Golden Age Pre 73-MKII (pre-amp)
  • Sm57
  • AHL Deef STW7 (capsule Tiersch STW 7 red line, condensers Deef, body and conection Behringer B2)
  • SPL Mixdream XP (analog summing)
  • SPL Vitalizer MkII
  • Logic Audio
  • Ableton Live
  • Akai Apc 40
  • SuperNova I
  • Roland J8XP
  • Elektron Machine Drum
  • Roland Sh-101